An Honest Dice on Crack Review

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Dice on Crack is a customizable online casino game that is simple and easy to play. It offers a series of strategies for making a series of bets over the roll of its virtual dice. As a player, you have the power to customize it and even take control of the game.

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Dice on Crack is customizable

Dice on Crack has seven levels of customization. They are Simple, Martingale, Martingale – BUSTO, Martingale – EXIT, elganitraM, Minefield and 3 Card Poker. In Simple, you can bet up to 15,000 times with your deposit being split into 0.0001 BTC. In Martingale, you aim to play 100,000 times winning 0.001 with each dice throw. Should you lose, a new larger wager is used in order to get back what you lost with an extra 0.001. Should your balance be not sufficient, the entire balance is wagered. Martingale – BUSTO is also similar to Martingale. However the entire balanced is wagered once the target amount cannot be met. If the wager balance is not sufficient the game ends and the balanced is returned is the concept of Martingale – EXIT. Elantra is the reverse of Martingale.  Minefield holds the concept of avoiding the mines. 3 Card Poker utilizes cards to bounce with a fair shuffled deck, to begin with.

Dice on Crack is not novice-friendly

The entire concept of Dice on Crack can be pretty hard for beginners. However, it has an interface that made it easier for anyone to see a bird’s eye view of the entire game. Even more, it provides a comprehensive how to play tab to help out anyone who is trying out the game. It has how to configure strategies, limits, definitions and other details on how it works. Even more, it is transparent with its earnings and immediate in its payment. It may not be suggested for new casino gamers since it takes some time figuring out, however with its customizable options almost anyone can play with this.

If you are afraid to try the content of this general casino article particularly playing Dice on Crack, here are some points that you can ponder. First, following the rules of the game is very easy since it provides clear and easy to follow play tab. It even has customizable play options. Not to mention, it has easy to navigate user interface making your gaming experience a breeze. Though there are a lot of information and tabs, these are extremely useful ones to get you better acquainted with the game.

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