Handicap Bola: Maximizing Your Chances of Winning

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In any sports or game, betting is a common practice. Like football or soccer. It is a famous sports where draw is a common possible outcome. But despite this, many people still bet on it. Is draw a bad thing for bettors? Well bad news is, it is. Draws are considered as an additional result, with a conventional fixed odds. Therefore when bettors put their bet on each of the two teams to win and the game result was a tie, they lose. That’s where handicap bola comes in.

Does it sounds new to you? Or does it rings a bell on your head? What is handicap bola? This is system that has been favored and has gained its popularity to many through out the years. This has originated from Indonesia. It is a kind of betting wherein, in order for the much capable team to win, teams are both handicapped. This is done for the patrons betting on them to win.

This is a system in which the possibility for a draw is removed through the use of handicap that pushes a winner. Through a handicap (expressed in goal points) that is given to both teams ahead of the kickoff, each team, even a two mismatched teams has their chances of winning. In this kind of betting, an advantage is being granted to the team which is believed to get loss or the so called underdog and a goal deficit is granted to the team which has the higher percentage of winning or the crowd favorite.

Using quarter goals to make the lines as close as possible is what makes this more engaging. In this system, each game begins in a quarter goal which can possibly reach as high as three goals per game with a big difference in ability. The handicap usually foretells or predicts the final score in every match.

Difference between Quarter-Goal and Whole Handicap

Dividing the bets into the nearestt  half intervals is what quarter handicaps does. A quarter handicap gives the bettors the possubility of winning and a draw (with half of the wager) or a chance of losing and a draw (lose half of the wager). Therefore, equally dividing and putting the bettor’s stake (such as money) as two different bets is automatically done. Meaning, half of your bet is place on the half point handicap, while the other equal part of your bet is placed on the zero point handicap.

For bookmakers whose system are specifically made for sports such as American Football and Basketball, a quarter goal is stressed as zero and a half.

A whole handicap, on the other hand, happens when a whole number is applied for handicap. The final score adjusted by this handicap may result in a draw. However this is not considered as a draw, but a push. In the event of a push, all bettors neither win nor lose. For there is no winning team, their original bets are returned to them.

This kind of betting can now be easily done online through online casinos and betting sites. You just need to follow a simple and a very easy to do guidelines in order to start betting.There are many trusted and reliable online casinos out there. You just need to choose.

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