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Cockfight is an ancient game which was widespread in the region of India, China,and much another eastern country. It is a blood game which is played between two hefty cocks in an arena which is known as the cockpit. This game is based on physical trauma which one cock give to other in order to arouse the anger and lastly, the aggression leads to the killing of one cock in the arena. To make the fight more intense the coordinator fit gaffs which a kind of knife made up of hard metal to the natural spurs of the cocks fitting in the arena. In this segment, we are going to discuss the online cockpit such as sabung-ayams128, poker online indonesia terbaik etc.

The idea behind the online cockpit

There are several features of the online cockfight. One of the best features of online cockfight website is they offer flawless live streaming of HD quality. After registration to the website, you will get a live verification call which will assure you that this live streaming is genuine and some of the websitesare affiliated by CEZA. Now you will have to login and will have to disable the popup in your browser. There you will go through 3 simple steps. Firstly click to the live icon, the next step is to verify that you are at the same arena streaming by calling on the number at the left corner of the screen. Lastly, you will have to check in the right corner there will be the last five digits of your phone number. And now you can place your bet online.

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Gaming rule

Although there are several rule and regulation when you play an online game, here I am going to discuss some of the general rules. The online cockfight website like sabungAyam s145 promotes the legal age in gaming, an underage person is not allowed to play. Many online websiteshold the responsibility regarding federal as well as national law. The website does not take the responsibility for the user’s state law or countries law. The agent is responsible for the smooth account access and all the best of his member but the agentis not the member of the online website so any dispute between member and agent will be considered as personal. In case of user ID or password theft, quickly inform to your agent and he will change the username and password. Apart from this user are responsible for the password and ID theft and if the loss his bet it is also his responsibility. So this is some basic rule followed by online cockfight website.


There are many online websites for cockfight and one can bet from anywhere but still, there is the rule in every country regarding betting in a cockfight, after all, it is a bloody fight the most country emphasize to save the animal.

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