What People Oughta Know About 7liveasia

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CentSports is a free sports betting site that had been online for some time now. It’s a very popular site for gamblers. It comes from the mind of David Palmer that mixed ad sponsorship and betting altogether. It’s basically a USA sportsbook bet no deposit required site that gives an opportunity for people to win some real cash. Many are copying this concept and many have failed, for the reason that CentSports was built well that it was just hard to mimic.

Although there had been controversies that surrounded the site, it was because people never really understood the concept at first. Because the site was out into the limelight, instead of losing players, the list of players playing with CentSports grew mostly out of curiosity as to how they can earn money without investing even a single cent. The 7liveasia rules aren’t very complicated to understand and only has a few simple things to remember.

The guide for CentSports: It’s not really rules but more like a guide for you to be guided accordingly on what to expect. The guide is very important for people to understand how the website works and how they can potentially maximize their potential for winning.

  • You start playing with 10 cents
  • If you lose all your earnings, you will be given another 10 cents
  • The minimum amount to be withdrawn is $ USD

There’s no end: There’s really no end to playing the game because your balance will never go down below 10 cents, the site will always replenish your winnings. So there’s really no reason to stop, the only downside is that, if you lost 1000 USD on a single bet, you can’t recoup that earning right away because the default for your starting credit will always be 10 cent’s and since the site doesn’t allow top-ups, you don’t have a choice but to make the 10 cents do it’s magic again, so before that happens, practice self-control.

The players are random: The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t require you to input your personal details, heck you can even just make a quick email address for the sake of registering on the site if you are reluctant to give your primary email away. So there’s no compromise, there’s no loss and there are even no investments. With a feature like this CentSports will still be a very competitive site for people to play in many years.

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