Bookmakers limit your profit

admin | January 23, 2020 | 0 | Betting

Even if you’re lucky and your battery wins, you’ll quickly realize that bookmakers are limiting your potential profit. This means that the refund is limited to a certain amount. It all depends on the operator, but the limit is usually PLN 200,000, which is your maximum profit.

Let’s try it this way: you have 12 winning bets sports betting out of 12 that made up your battery. This means a return of PLN 300,000. Unfortunately, due to the limits imposed by the bookmaker, you will not receive the full amount. It’s very frustrating, and in addition, you can get a limit on the number of bets in the coupon. Let’s say bookmakers are allergic to winning players.

Still, in some cases, accumulation plants are quite useful. Let’s say you have found several value bets (we talk about them a little further). There is not anything wrong with putting them jointly and multiply the odds. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done, especially for beginners. The key to success in betting is finding value, and those who succeed in it will succeed in the long run.


Live to bet

Live betting on football  sports betting and other sports has become one of the most popular options with online bookmakers. And all these bets have a general, common feature: you can hardly find value in them. Bookmakers are great at developing live odds, so you only have a few seconds to place a bet at reasonable odds. Many professionals are looking for the same opportunities there, and this quickly reduces the value of the bets.

 The growing popularity of live bets is the main reason why you can watch many events live on the bookmakers’ websites. They noticed that the number of bets increases when players see the games with their own eyes. They can better predict the result when they watch the match live. Another disadvantage of live betting is that players are victims of a delay between an ongoing event and the acceptance of the bet by the bookmaker, unlike pre-match bets, which are accepted immediately. The holdup can be up to 10 seconds or more. It is likely that every weekend millions of players scream in rage as their bets during the evening match are rejected. Forget about the quick bet right after the goal. Bookmakers have procedures that automatically close markets right after an important event, e.g., goal, red card, or penalty.

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