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Basketball is one of the favorite games of everyone. The ball game can be played online by following the กติกาบาสเกตบอล 13 ข้อ. If you follow these rules, you can win.

The basic 13 basketball rules

Playing games online in a casino is not all about card games, lottery, and some other games like you merely expected. Ball games are also available. Although you are not playing in the physical basketball game, you still have to follow the basketball rules. As an online player, you are still obliged to follow the rules. Meaning, playing basketball online has almost the same feeling in the physical basketball เกมเบเบส. Here are the basic rules in basketball game online:

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  1. Use one or both hands upon throwing the ball.
  2. The ball is battled with one or both hands, never in the fist, in any direction.
  3. The player must throw the ball where he catches it. The player is not allowed to run the ball when passed to him.
  4. The ball is strictly held on one or both hands in between. Any part of the body is not allowed to hold the ball.
  5. It is strictly followed not to do shouldering, pushing, striking, holding, or tripping in any way. The player will be charged “foul” once these rules are made. The player is subject to disqualification when foul hits up to the limit. Substitution is not allowed to the player who committed foul.
  6. If the ball strikes with the fist, it is counted as foul. Violation of rules 3, 4, and 5 are subject to a “foul”.
  7. A goal is counted as a goal for the opponents when the other team commits three consecutive fouls. But, the other team must not commit a foul while the other team had committed the consecutive fouls.
  8. If the ball stays on the edge of the basket when thrown and the opponents move the basketball, still it is counted as a goal.
  9. The ball is not allowed to stay on the hand, the player is only allowed to hold it five seconds and must throw the ball to the field or his teammate. If it is not followed, the player is counted as foul.
  10. The player will be disqualified from the game once they hit the limited counts of foul according to the rule 5.
  11. The referee will decide of the ball, when the ball is played, in bounds, or where side it belongs.
  12. Rest has a time limit: 15-minute halves or in between.
  13. The team that made more goals declared as the winner.

These basic rules are simple to follow. So, if you want to win the game, strictly follow these, and everything on the game goes well.

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